Soup and starters

Cream of salsify soup with veal ragout and fried parsley  95 CZK
Veal tartare with black truffle, shallot and grilled bruschetta 245 CZK
Mixed greens with burrata, tomatoes and caramelized walnuts 198 CZK
Yellow fin tuna carpaccio with cucumber, sesame and mint-coriander dressing 245 CZK
Fried calamari with fennel salad and aioli sauce 215 CZK
Vitello tonnato with tuna dressing  225 CZK


Spaghetti all‘Amatriciana  175 CZK / 245 CZK
Gnocchi with salsiccia, rocket and dried tomatoes  195 CZK / 275 CZK
Riccota cannelloni filled with beetroot with cavolo nero and butter sauce with sage 265 CZK
Risotto with shrimps, wild broccoli and dried tomatoes  295 CZK

Main courses

Chilean sea bass baked in papillot with vegetables and herbs  365 CZK
Corn-fed chicken supreme with carrot purée, gratinated artichokes and thyme sauce  345 CZK
Grilled octopus with risotto from fregola sarda with Spianata spicy salami and red wine sauce 100g/395 CZK
150g/ 585 CZK
Veal tenderloin with mashed potatoes, baby spinach, foie gras and truffle sauce  495 CZK
Seafood plate with baked potatoes, vegetables and rocket salad  790 CZK

Side dishes

Rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, honey dressing   95 CZK
Baked potatoes  79 CZK
Baked vegetables  125 CZK
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