Soup and starters

Cauliflower soup with smoked veal confit and truffle oil  95 CZK
Fresh burrata with beetroot, white radish and herb salad 195 CZK
Mixed greens with marinated figues, gorgonzola, nuts and grapes 195 CZK
Veal tartare with black truffle, shallot and grilled bruschetta 245 CZK
Green beans salad with chantarelles, pumpkin seed oil and dried cherry tomatoes 185 CZK
Sea bass carpaccio with vegetable tartare with mango, coriander, mint and lime sauce  225 CZK


Spaghetti all‘Amatriciana  175 CZK / 245 CZK
Bucatini with mussels from Denmark and tomatoes on white wine with fresh herbs  185 CZK / 255 CZK
Gnocchi with salsiccia, chanterelles, baby spinach and butter sauce 195 CZK /275 CZK
Riccota cannelloni with wild mushrooms, aubergine, taleggio fondue and broccoli sauce  285 CZK
Red mullet with tangerine risotto and bergamot foam with coriander 365 CZK

Main courses

Cod fish with zucchini purée, wild broccoli, pak choi, baby carrot and tomato jelly  365 CZK
Scaloppine al limone with potatoes with lemon, parmesan cheese and rocket salad  365 CZK
Pork cheeks with garlic mashed potatoes, roasted shallot, brussels sprouts and demi-glace sauce  375 CZK
Grilled octopus with risotto from fregola sarda with Spianata spicy salami and red wine sauce 100g/395 CZK
150g/ 585 CZK
Seafood plate with baked potatoes, vegetables and rocket salad  790 CZK
Corn-fed chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes, green asparagus and fresh tarragon with sweet potato purée, romanesco and foie gras sauce  345 CZK
Veal tenderloin with mashed potatoes, baby spinach, foie gras and truffle sauce 495 CZK

Side dishes

Rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, honey dressing   95 CZK
Baked potatoes  79 CZK
Baked vegetables  125 CZK
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