About us

In 2010 Honza Blažek young Pastař (Pasta maker) inspired by Italian family style restaurants started his company Čerstvá Pasta (Fresh Pasta) in western part of the Czech Republic near by famous spa city Karlovy Vary. Honza has established his fresh pasta production in his house and started to deliver his products to the restaurants mostly in Prague. After just a few months the pasta has spreaded around the city and the demand for his quality was huge. Farmers markets, shops and of course restaurants where the regular places where all could buy Spaghetti, Lasagne, Rigatoni and Etc.

But the community was asking for more. In 2011 Honza started to cook his great pasta creations on farmers markets and music festivals. The team was getting bigger and Honza started to focus on creating his own fresh sauce and pesto of different variaties and flavours. People just loved it.

In 2014 Honza  has opened authentic Italian family style restaurant Pastař.

Pastař is located in historic building just over the bridge from National Theatre. The young talented team in the kitchen is ready to fulfill every wish of the costumers. Our friendly service with smile is ready to make you feel like at home.

Our desire is to create a place where people can meet, talk, smile and enjoy the creation of our chefs. We love what we do and we only support those small production with the same values. We offer all of this for very attractive price value.

This is how our team in Pastař see it.  Lets smile, eat, drink and enjoy the life here with us in our restaurant.

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